On 14th June 2022 The Fuji Foundation for Protein Research, the Alpro Foundation and MyNutriWeb held an online Symposium on the Topic of “ Why consider soya alternatives to dairy and meat: building a healthy sustainable diet”

A group of world-leading experts shared the latest research insights on the above topic and the following is a summary of the findings.

There is consensus that the adoption of more plant-based eating is key to healthy and

more sustainable dietary patterns.

  • Studies have shown advantages from the use of soya as a plant protein alternative to

meat and dairy for a range of environmental impacts.

  • Soya intake has also demonstrated a range of health benefits including reductions in

cardiovascular disease (CVD) and associated risk factors such as dyslipidaemia. Soya

intake has also been associated with reduced risk of some cancers and alleviation of

menopause symptoms.

  • Provided energy requirement are met, soya protein is as effective as animal protein for

promoting muscle strength and function in older adults.

  • ẞ-conglycinin, a storage protein found in soya, has a range of physiological roles in the

body and has been identified as key to a number of the health benefits attributed to

soya food consumption involving lipid metabolism and carbohydrate metabolism.

  • The effective dose of one to two daily servings of soya foods can be practically and

palatably incorporated into the diet as an alternative to animal foods such as meat and



The full proceedings can be downloaded here